How to Study Hard

Becoming excellent on all school subjects is somewhat of an anomaly, because the question really is can one truly master every subject at school?

The answer is no. A man would be lucky to master one.

What it is very possible, on the other hand, is understanding all of the subject matter being taught and making straight A’s. After all, who hasn’t seen Revenge of the Nerds? They exist!

1. Notes, and more of those notes

Yes, some of us might be gifted with an actor’s memory, but let’s not push it.

  • Writing down any important information given throughout the period would be invaluable to your comprehension of the subject matter.
  • Sectionalize, organize, and repeat any important thing you might forget.
  • Underline those topics which your instructor emphasizes or even says will be on a test.
  • Tests generally carry the utmost priority in grade calculation (sometimes the majority of all percentages), so highlighting important test-related notes will be invaluable.
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2. Ask questions

No one is a super genius.

There are some points in a lecture that will fly over your head (granted you aren’t already specializing in the subject), so go ahead and raise that hand.

If you are more of the shy type, ask your school mate sitting next you, or the Teacher’s Aid as soon as class ends. Once you get the answer, write it down.

If you didn’t get it the first time, chances are your brain won’t remember the answer the second time.

3. Do homework

The work you are assigned in class, believe it or not, isn’t designed to drive you crazy. It is designed to enhance your knowledge of what your teacher/professor is instructing.

Skipping out on what may seem like an insignificant in class (or out of class) assignment will only serve to be a detriment. This includes but is not limited to homework, extra credit, out of class assignments, in class assignments, and textbook readings.

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Final Words

Abide by these three commandments of nerd and you will surely be on your way to “mastering” as much as possible of school.

As stated above, you won’t be able to learn every single thing about all the subjects you have in school, but you can sure as hell learn enough to ace the tests, complete the homework promptly, and write efficient notes.

These qualities, while seemingly frivolous, serve to found a grounding point for your scholastic career.