How to Spot a College Freshman on Campus

There are several ways to see a greenhorn freshman crossing the terrain of campus from a mile away. Avoid those upperclassman stares and smirks by avoiding these critical freshman indicators.

Anyone who gets dressed up to go to class

It’s a college staple by the second year of school to go to class in your pajamas or sweat pants. By then the work is more difficult and time is more limited and you’re spending more time partying and less time sleeping. All freshman care about looking professional and they have more time to devote to it.

Anyone who doesn’t talk in class or talks too much in class

Freshmen are notoriously shy in class or a clown upstart ready to answer every single question put to them. They are eager to show that they deserve to be in college and want to score points and good grades from the professor.

Anyone who still talks in the middle of the hallway in clusters or circles of people

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This is taken high school behavior and it doesn’t die down till at least mid-semester in the spring of freshman year. Older undergraduates meet in places to sit down and talk in the coffee house or library rather than crowding the walkways.

Anyone who has a strict diet of burgers and fries or pizza

These are college freshman staples before they’ve figured out about the freshman fifteen. Though statistically speaking, it’s only the freshman seven, the weight you can gain does add up quickly because of the freedom to eat whatever you want. The options and the advantage that you don’t have to cook, lead to unhealthy choices and more spur of the moment junk food binges.

Anyone being loud and rowdy while drunk outside the freshman dorm

Don’t do this, ever. If you’re standing outside the freshman dorm after a heavy night of drinking or even one drink and you’re underage, someone during the night will call campus safety. Older undergrads don’t appreciate the excessive noise at three in the morning, so try and be courteous while still having a blast.

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Freshmen love keeping their dorm keys on lanyards

This could possibly be the quickest way to spot a freshman. The first thing a freshman gets when he/she gets to college is a lanyard to hold their dorm keys and id cards. You can spot a freshman a mile away with the lanyard.