How to Get to College Class on Time

Here is a perfectly good idea, GET TO BED EARLIER! Your life must be so hard if all you have to worry about is getting to class on time, if that is your only responsibility, which it should be, let’s face it, the life of a student is hardly a hard one, then you really need to get out and get a life and more responsibilities (you lucky things!). The problem is, that so many students, go to college with this great idea of partying their years away and walking away with a degree, so go, party your years away, but if you want to walk away with a degree, you need to get to class – and on time!

Here’s the plan

  • Set Alarm For 7:45 am
  • Hit SNOOZE for 15 Minutes
  • Get up and out of bed at 8 am
  • Go for a shower – yes with soap! What is it with the lack of personal hygiene in so many students?
  • Eat breakfast, do some housework – yes housework – again an extreme lack of cleanliness is apparent in too many student dormitories!
  • Then, grab the books that you should have sorted organized the night before you went to bed, and head to class.
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And just how difficult was it to be on time? Well, it wasn’t really, was it?

Here’s the difficult part…

If you have breaks between classes – run errands and study – do not go back to bed or get yourself involved in some sort of daytime drink-fest! There is plenty of time for that once your classes are finished for the day.

After your classes are finished, head back to the dormitory, sit aside the books you need for the next day’s classes and if it is a Friday, organize the books you will need for the following Monday. You should also put aside two hours of your time everyday to study and write your assignments or read whatever books you are required to read, and if you do not have any assignments or work you need to complete, then you should spend that time organizing your files and folders and studying for any upcoming tests. Let us all remember what college is actually for. College provides education for people who have ambitions in life, for people who have a career in mind, and to achieve this, you must learn and successfully complete your college course.

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Evening time is for socializing, let loose, enjoy your night, but get to bed at a reasonable hour. That way, you won’t be late for class in the morning.