How To Find The Best Exploratory Essay Topics

An exploratory essay is unique in that it discusses opposing points of view before taking a stand. Its style of writing resembles persuasive but is different in that it is the reader who makes the decision on the strength of one idea over the other. You are required to give equal attention to the opposing ideas and allow the reader to make a decision in the end.

There are different ideas that can inform your topic. These ideas include:

  • Facts: choose a fact like global warming or terrorism and explore the different opinions for or against it.
  • Definition: use the paper to explore the definitions of such controversial ideas as beauty, natural, etc.
  • Causes: the paper gives you a chance to offer your opinion on what causes a particular phenomenon like obesity, divorce, success, etc.
  • Value: this is an opportunity to argue for or against what assigns value to a commodity.
  • Policy: identify a policy and explore its strengths and weaknesses
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Here are excellent examples of exploratory essay topics to consider

  1. Is there more to race than the skin color?
  2. Are gender roles automatically assigned by nature?
  3. Will any difference emerge if children of different races are brought up in the same environment?
  4. Would United States be more powerful if race was not an issue of concern?
  5. Should DNA sequencing be allowed and how can the privacy of this information be guaranteed?
  6. Is solar energy a viable replacement to fossil fuel?
  7. Gun ownership should form a central part of intrinsic human rights in the United States
  8. Excessive use of technology is making games slow and boring
  9. Nuclear energy remains a crucial part of a sustainable future
  10. What is the real meaning of organic foods?
  11. More dollars should be set aside to support farmers in poor nations to achieve food security
  12. Modern agricultural practices are responsible for an increase in allergies
  13. There is nothing like the right diet for a healthy human being
  14. Bio fuel is responsible for an upsurge in food prices
  15. Referee decisions should never be overturned by replays
  16. Guns should not be blamed for killing people, rather, it is people who kill others
  17. Interracial marriages should be encouraged to boost national cohesion
  18. There is a direct relationship between financial security and stability in relationship
  19. The definition of family as father, mother and child remains valid to-date
  20. America should meddle with the politics of other nations for security purposes