4 Essential Bicycle Accessories for College Students

Having a bicycle while you’re in college is a great idea. They’re convenient, cheaper than cars and you can cruise right up to your classroom rather than finding a parking spot for half an hour and then walking another fifteen minutes to your classroom. Here’s a list of some must have accessories for your campus cruiser.

1. Lock


You have to protect your investment with a decent bike lock. It doesn’t matter how safe you think your campus is, there are starving college kids out there who are more than willing to take a free bike from your hands if you offer it up. Amazon Best Sellers: Best Bike Locks.

2. Headlight


Every now and then you’ll be on campus late studying, or out at a party late NOT studying and you’ll need to bike home in the dark. This is where a handy headlight would be beneficial not just so you can see, but also so you can be seen by other people on the road. Amazon Best Sellers: Best Bike Headlights.

3. Cushy Seat

Cushy Seat

A comfortable bicycle seat can do wonders for you back and overall comfort. If you’re doing a lot biking around town and campus, you should definitely invest in a cushy seat. Amazon Best Sellers: Best Bike Saddles.

4. Hand Pump

Hand Pump

A small tire pump that you can attach to the frame of the bicycle can be a lifesaver in the case of a low or flat tire. Properly inflated tires increase the lifetime of tires. Just make sure you don’t leave it on the bike unless you can lock it down when you leave it on the rack. Amazon Best Sellers: Best Bike Pumps.

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