How to Cram Last Minute for Exams or Tests

Okay, well, you really should’ve studied, but you: forgot/couldn’t be bothered/was too busy/did but still don’t really know your stuff well/insert other lame excuse here. The test is soon, possibly the next day or even later this day. Now, what do you do?

Definition of cramming: The act of hastily revising for an exam/exams at the last minute.

Steps to successful cramming:

1) Find a quiet place to study (with a desk!) with no distractions. Have all the gear you need with you notes, textbooks, etc.

2) Have some water nearby and eat something like whole grain bread or a banana to help you concentrate! Avoid things like fizzy drinks that’ll just make it harder for you to concentrate!

3) Make a list of the things you need to work on, from ones you really need to work on to ones you know fairly well already.

4) Jot down the main points you need for each thing on the list and learn them well. There isn’t much point in learning little details if you can’t apply them to the processes. Chapter summaries in text books come in handy here.

5) Study in 20-40 minute periods with a break of 5 minutes in between.

6) Go down your list in a steady pace, making sure you go over what you studied at least once or twice so it sticks in your brain longer.

7) Depending on how much cramming time you have, finish for the night after revising what you need to learn at the very least. If you don’t have enough time, don’t study until early in the morning so you have no time to sleep.

8) Get a good nights sleep! At least a few hours or else you’ll be regretting it later when you fall asleep during your exam!

On exam day:

1) Have a good, healthy breakfast. Eating a banana before an exam has been proven to boost pass rates in schools! They are also good for you.

2) Make sure you have all the equipment needed for the exam AND extras. (e.g., Spare pens in case you run out of ink, a spare calculator battery.) You might also find that highlighters come in handy to emphasize the key points in questions and clearly showing your answers if your test paper is messy and the marker will have some trouble finding answers.

3) Don’t forget to check and go over your paper again and again, even if it bores you to death! Usually, you can pick up at least a few mistakes you made!

Good luck! If this helped (or didn’t), let us know!

Just remember, cramming should only be done as a last resort. If you’re going to do something, you might as well do it well!


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