How to Cope With Back-to-High-School Anxiety

Last updated on November 27, 2017

Back to school anxiety is very common, especially with high school age students. Realizing that this feeling is prevalent with most classmates, and is a normal feeling, will be a smart start to learning how to cope with it.

Any new school year equipped with new challenges and goals will add to the back to school anxiety, however, realizing it and planning personal goals, will help wipe out this phase.

  • Becoming very familiar with your new class schedule for the school year will be a good asset.
  • Pay close attention to the location of each class building, the name of each teacher, and where the lockers are.
  • While in class pay attention to the keywords the teacher repeats, or writes on the board, and jot down these words as they will greatly aid your homework assignments later.
  • Jot down the due dates of each assignment, all the information required of you, and testing dates.

All these important notes will refresh your mind, and make it easier for finishing up your assignments. The more you prepare yourself for the class, the less you will have to do later.

The smart student will set goals, by making lists each week for all that he wishes to accomplish.

Goal setting is very important as you can learn to balance homework assignments, after school part time jobs, after school activities, and free fun time wisely.

Be sure to add outside activities such as chess club, sporting events, public speaking club, mentoring to younger students, and even volunteering to your goal lists. All of these outside fun hobbies and interests will help boost your self-confidence as well as become fun to enjoying the school year.

Select and keep special classroom friends that you may find interesting, as these will guide you tremendously.

Plan to spend time with each friend doing after school homework assignments, or hobbies, or outside activity projects together. The right friend can be a great asset as you both will learn to polish each other’s weaknesses and strengths.

Plan one to two-weekend fun events to participate in, as this will give you a big boost.

You can get through your hard lessons week by looking forward to a planned event. Bike trail riding, going to see a new movie, basketball games, or even shopping can lift your spirits and recharge your brain.

Remember you are teaching yourself how to learn to have fun, as well as learning knowledge in the classroom.

As you teach yourself how to set goals, how to accomplish all your required school assignments, how to select friends, and how to create outside events to have fun, you will be sailing through your school year smoothly.

Learning, realizing just what you are interested in, and what you dislike, will greatly add to your self-confidence.

Your new self-awareness will be the start to a wonderful year of meeting new challenges, new friends, and learning how to have a successful high school year.


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