How to Balance College and Your Relationship

Balancing a relationship with the opposite sex and your studies does not have to be a tug-of-war game. It is possible to maintain a healthy relationship and also maintain good grades! After all, college life is more than just books and lectures. It’s also about growing up, maturing, learning responsibility, and building all kinds of relationships.

Many people meet their husband or wife in college, so it’s important to know how to nurture these relationships while also being diligent with school work.

Keep A Schedule

The first and most important part of balancing anything with school work is keeping a schedule. The best way to do this is always to carry a pocket planner with you, and write down everything you have to do for the day. Block every single hour, even if you block an hour to hang out with friends, or to take a nap.

If you think you will maximize productivity without a schedule, it won’t happen.

Writing everything down also helps you relax, because you don’t have to put forth any effort of remembering which assignments are due and when.

All you have to do is glance at your planner, and it will tell you what’s next! This alleviates a lot of stress, which in turn will help your quality time with your sweetheart to be just that: quality.


If there is not a mutual respect for one another’s academic success, any relationship is likely to fail. The only real way to have a healthy balance between your school work and your relationship with your significant other is if both parties respect and understand the other’s academic needs.

Some majors require more studying and homework than others. If both of you have the same level of homework, then respect will come naturally. But if one of you has quite a bit more studying to do, then the other might begin to feel alienated. But both of you need to remember that this phase of your life is only temporary.

If your relationship is strong and if you are truly meant to be together, you will find a way to make the relationship work during the tough times. It might seem like several days before you can really spend quality time together. That’s alright, as long as both of you respect one another and understand that this is temporary.

Make it Count!

When the two of you do get to spend time together, make it count. Don’t just hang out in a lounge and watch a television show if you haven’t seen one another for a week. Take a walk, go out to eat, or just sit and talk.

Another great idea for busy couples is to get up early in the morning before all of the day’s responsibilities begin and watch the sunrise together. Or, if you are night owls, watch a sunset together.

Whatever you decide to do, try to squeeze the most out of your precious time together, because you both know that it’s tough to get quality time!

Take a Class Together

Another great way to get to spend time with your significant other AND get school credit is to take a class together!

If your college requires you to complete a certain number of physical education courses, and you get a choice of some fun sports, pick one that you both like and take the class together. Things like racquetball, swimming, or repelling would not only be a great way to spend some fun time together, but you will also learn how to cooperate in challenging situations (which is great preparation for marriage, by the way!)

These tips should help you successfully balance your relationship and your school work. Always remember, these four years of your life will fly by, so don’t forget to let yourself have fun!

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