How Adult Education Can Improve Your Self-Esteem

You must have heard it said over and over again. If there’s one thing for certain in life, it’s change. As people age, this becomes an obvious truth in many ways.

Feeling outdated can take its toll on your self-esteem and self-worth. When that happens, it’s time to check out all the opportunities available for self-improvement, especially courses available for adult education.

How to start?

Keeping up with what’s different, new technology, music, world events, or any aspect of modern lifestyle, is a challenge that can be made fun and easy.

Many colleges, religious institutions and businesses now offer adult education classes. Courses are usually listed in school publications, company websites, and can be heard about by way of word of mouth.

Your library is usually an excellent resource for continuing education classes and may host some.

Courses and Classes

Taking a course has the potential to boost your self-confidence, add to, as well as improve, your skills and give you a chance to meet new people with common interests.

Additionally, adult education classes are usually priced very reasonably, many may be discounted for seniors and some may even be free. Also, the hours are usually flexible for those who may still be in the workforce.

You’re able to learn with others in your age range with the same goal in mind. They too want to feel better about themselves, improve their minds and add to their skills.

All in all, it makes for a comfortable environment. You’ll find it’s far easier to ask questions in front of your peers, many who will feel exactly as you do about new subjects.

What to learn?

There’s a vast amount of topics offered in adult education classes that will enrich your mind, your body, and your soul. Think about taking one, or take several of the following selections of ideas for classes:

    Creative Arts

    • Sketching
    • Painting
    • Sculpture
    • Decorating
    • Writing
    • Sewing

Book Clubs Gourmet, International Cooking are also areas which may interest you, as may antiques, home improvements and DIY. These are practical skills which can help you in your life to gain more confidence, and thus boost self-esteem.

Of course, the list is limitless, and you need to inquire in your area what courses are available and see how these apply to your life.

The kind of things you need to be learning are those things which boost your confidence or make you feel good about yourself. That’s half the battle with self-esteem.


Self-esteem is usually flattened by events, or by negative interactions with people, and learning helps you to gain a positive outlook which counters that negativity. That’s how adult education helps you to build up your self-esteem and know your own worth.

Once you do and are happy with the things you have learned, that confidence gained from learning really helps keep you on the right track.

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