Adult Education: How to Motivate Yourself to Study

Studying is one of the requisite activities when a person is in school. Even adult learners are expected to do the same. This can be difficult for adult students who have not been in school for a long time. Add to it the different distractions of adulthood- taking care of family and earning a living.

If you are an adult learner, there are different ways to motivate yourself to study.

Re-examine your purpose

There is a strong reason why a person takes an adult course. It may be for professional advancement, pursuing a dream or an alternative career.

If you think of the benefits you get from completing the course, it keeps your mind focused on the end result.

Try imagining what happens when you finish this course in flying colors. Keeping your eye on the prize can make you forget about the bumpy roads along the way.

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Set immediate goals

It helps if you can set simple goals so you will finish studying.

For example, finish reading a five-page of reading material in 10 minutes. If there is a need for you to write a paper and you seemed stuck, just write one sentence at a time and eventually you will fill up a whole page of ideas. Take it one simple goal at a time.

Find a study buddy

Studying with a group can be a great motivator. It keeps you aware if you are in the right pace as others.

When there is a topic that confuses you, you can readily ask for the opinion of your peers. During discussions, there will be important points you will learn that are not found in your study materials.

If you find the right study group, your group’s energy and drive to learn can inspire you to do the same.

Take action

Eliminate the distractions that keep you from studying. Turn off the television. Stay away from the bedroom. Find a nice spot in the house where you can be comfortable. If that is not possible, go to the library where there is ample lighting, good seating, and the quiet atmosphere.

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Be your own cheerleader. Feed in motivating thoughts like “I can do this.” instead of those “This is difficult.” Do not even think about putting off studying for later. Something more important might come up that will prevent you from studying at all.

Imagine the stress and anxiety you will have if you take an exam unprepared.

Final Word

Learning new skills and updating knowledge can be overwhelming for adult learners. It puts the mind in the right perspective if you think of studying as a key to achieving your ultimate goal.

Eventually, all these studying will come to an end and you will start to see the benefits of this activity and reap rewards for all your efforts.