Get Ready for Midterm Exams

It’s been a while since first semester started, and you’re probably getting into the swing of college life. You’re getting used to the academic requirements, the new social scene, and the sleep deprivation that you’ll probably be dealing with for the next three or four years. You’re on your way! But there’s one thing coming up in the near future that may throw you off a little bit: mid-terms.

Many college students think of any test that’s not a final as a mid-term, but when we use the term, we mean a test that’s given at the mid-point of the semester, thus, you can only have one mid-term per class per semester.

They will often cover everything that you’ve learned so far in class, and they can be much longer than a weekly or bi-weekly test (though they probably won’t be as big as a final).

Let’s say you have a mid-term coming up, what do you do?

Don’t freak out.

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It may be your, but your professors won’t throw things at you that are beyond your current academic level. They may not seem nice all the time, but professors are pretty understanding about things like this.

Your mid-term will probably be challenging, but it certainly won’t be impossible. So stay calm and know that you shouldn’t have any problem preparing for the test.

What can you do to make sure that you’re ready to do well on the test?


You may not have had to do a whole lot of studying yet, but you should definitely spend some serious time hitting the books before your mid-terms roll around.

Use whichever studying style works best for you (you have used some sort of study strategy, haven’t you?). Whether it’s re-writing your notes, making flashcards, or getting with a study group, spend at least a few hours over the course of the week preceding your test preparing.

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If you ace the test, and find that you don’t have to study as much next time, great! But for the first one, it’s much better to study too much than not enough. Don’t get caught unprepared.

Last-minute Preparation

Once you’ve gotten a decent amount of studying done, and you’re a couple days away from the test, do some last-minute preparing.

Look up the last few things that you haven’t quite gotten down yet, and make sure that you’ll be able to remember them on test day. There shouldn’t be too much left that you’re having trouble with, so this shouldn’t take too long.

Make sure to relax the night before your test so you’re not stressed. Wake up early enough that you’re completely awake before your test starts. Eat breakfast, get some coffee if you need to, and go destroy your mid-terms!