Finding an Online Accelerated Degree Program

If you’re a non-traditional student that wants to increase their employment opportunities but are unable to attend classes in a conventional classroom setting than an online accelerated degree program might be a great fit for you.

Online accelerated degree programs are designed to help adults receive degrees in a shorter amount of time than they might normally be able to if they didn’t attend an online college or university. Sometimes, life just doesn’t leave a lot of time in your schedule, especially if you are already employed fulltime or have children.

Many online colleges have accelerated programs, particularly in the business field, that permit students who have typically already earned some college credits in the past to go back to school and quickly complete their degrees. There are students, too, that qualify for the accelerated program that don’t have any previous college experience at all. Requirements vary by school.

There are a lot of benefits to enrolling at an online college that offers accelerated degree programs for its students. Obviously, the biggest incentive is that you can finish the degree faster than you normally would and this can, in turn, help you start finding better job opportunities. If you’re already currently employed then a degree can assist you in rising in the ranks of your current company or perhaps give you a pay raise.

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Some students end up using their BS or BA degree and go on to receive MAs or MSs or even PhDs in related subject matters to help improve their employability. While a traditional degree program might take 4-5 years to complete, an accelerated program might take half that time.

You can count on accelerated degree programs to take a shorter amount of time, but there are other benefits as well. For instance, they might accept more transfer credits than other programs and this can mean fewer classes for you to take. A lot time is spent taking general education classes when you’re getting a BS or BA so the faster you can get those out of the way, the better.

If you already have previous college credits then check with the registrar’s office at your online university to see if any of your credits will transfer to your new school. Don’t worry if you took your classes a long time ago-you might be surprised!

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Some online schools also accept the CLEP (College-Level Examination Program) in addition to previous college credits that you have already earned. The CLEP is like the SATs and ACTs and is given by the College Board. It can count as college credits which can accelerate your time even more.

Online colleges and online degree programs are so helpful to those adults that are unable to attend traditional schools and programs for various reasons. With an accelerated degree program, things can be made even easier for you and you might have your degree in hand in no time at all. It’s definitely something worth looking into.