College is More than Education

“Life is my college. May I graduate well, and earn some honors!” – Louisa May Alcott.

In life a person does not choose a major; the life experience is much more than that. Just as in life, the college experience is much more than choosing a major. Life is a journey, and the college experience is simply a chapter of that journey.

With the status of the economy being one of uncertainty, and the President of the United States urging the population to seek ways to gain more marketable skills; the decision to go to college is attractive. Choosing a major may not be the first thought in someone’s mind when the decision is made to go to college. It could be a decision for a new experience, or a return to school to gain more marketable skills and knowledge. Taking the view of what courses will enhance a person’s work skills in order to further a career may include a variety of courses and subjects. Not simply making a choice of what to major in.

The motive for going to college, aside from the scholarly aspect of college life, can be an entirely new realm of lifestyle that opens up to be a part of the life journey. Regardless of the student’s age, background, and current living situation, the college experience should have a variety of aspects and choices aside from what major to choose.

While a young adult entering college directly from high school will have expectations of fun, independence from parents, and hopes for a bright future; an adult who is in his or her retirement years may find the same expectations in a similar manner. Returning to college from the perspective of a working adult with a family may find the time management skills needed to balance home, work, and school to be challenging. This experience will only add time management as an additional skill asset on the career ladder.

Other aspects of going to college are the social life, academic exposure, and gain the skill to think “outside of the box” concerning a number of life’s situations. Many students are from other countries with different cultures, which the student may find enjoyable to learn about. The thrill of the sports teams that have become America’s favorite past time for weekend relaxation now becomes more personal to the college student of that particular school. Learning from professors who have traveled the road in education can open the mind to a totally different perspective than what the student has ever considered.

College life for any age will enhance the life experiences, and add so much more content than taking the perspective of “majoring” in a subject. Many people do earn a degree with honors when attending the college, and the actual college experience can expand a person’s growth in the school of life.

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