3 Good Reasons to Change Your Major

College courses cost money, and it is always a good idea to choose a major that makes sense for your situation if you are considering attending college.

Ideally, college students should have felt confident and completely sure about their chosen majors before college started, but not everyone has that experience. Some people choose a major because they assume that they will have more job opportunities with that major, but come to realize that there is no guarantee for an abundance of jobs following graduation.

Here are some very valid reasons to change a college major before you get too far along in your studies:

1) Lack of interest.

While it is not mandatory to enjoy what you are studying, you will be much more successful in your college studies and future career prospects if you enjoy and appreciate what you are doing.

You might have had ideas before you started your college major, that you were going to do well at the course and that you would enjoy it. But if you were proven wrong once the course started, it is a good idea to reconsider continuing to study a major that you don’t like and cannot see yourself using after graduation.

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Changing your major early on in your college studies will help you to complete a program that is more suitable for you as soon as possible.

Starting all over again is a process that is best done quickly so that you can avoid spending money on a major that you don’t enjoy.

2) Job prospects.

Most people decide to pursue college educations because they want to increase their job opportunities.

There are many jobs that require college degrees, but your chosen major might not improve your chances of landing a job that you desire after graduation.

You might find your major to be interesting, but you should also ask yourself if the cost of continuing to study your major will pay off for your future, especially if you have acquired student loans to finance your education.

If after you do some research to investigate how many graduates from your major are able to find jobs and the news is disheartening, you should consider changing your major to one that has helped more college graduates to find jobs.

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The new major you choose should be one that you enjoy and are committed to completing.

3) Quality of the study material.

Students don’t get to choose the course curriculum; that responsibility belongs to the college administrators. College course material is supposed to help students to learn important information that will help them in their future studies and careers.

If you are finding that the material taught in your courses is frustrating you due to it being too easy or too difficult, you should consider changing your major to one that you don’t find frustrating. Your college major should be just right; not too easy and not too difficult.

If you feel like you will never succeed at your major because you don’t understand the material and you’ve tried to get tutoring help and nothing has worked you to grasp the material better, consider dropping your major in favor of one that is a better fit for you.


It is often difficult to know how you will feel about your major before you actually begin the course.

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The longer you stick with a major that you don’t want to do, the more money you’ll be spending on a major that you may never use. College is a big investment; it requires time, thought, commitment, and financing.

College is not like high school where your parents and the government punish you for not attending. The decision to attend college and choose your major is entirely your decision.

The major you choose should ideally be one that you can envision yourself using long after you graduate.

If your original choice for a major is one that you don’t feel comfortable with, don’t be ashamed; take action. Talk with your college’s guidance counselors and ask for their help to select a more appropriate and enjoyable major for yourself.