College Infrastructure FAQs

The terminology and organizational charts on college campuses can be confusing for anyone, let alone someone who has never been to campus before. This page will help you learn some terms and get a handle on where to go for help on campus!

Need to find a student in an emergency?

Call the Dean of Student’s Office. They can locate what class the student may be attending at what time.

Have a question about Housing?

If you are at school already and have a basic question, check with the RA (Resident Assistant) first! If you have not arrived yet, the problem is complicated or the RA can’t help, call the Director of Housing or the Director of Residence Life. Some schools have both. When they do, the Housing person will often deal with facilities and billing issues, while the Residence Life person handles discipline, conflicts and social activities. Depending on the size of the school you may speak to a Resident Director, Area Coordinator or Assistant Director before you get to the Director.

Have a question about classes?

Call the Registrar. The Registrar handles all information about scheduling and grades. You may be speaking with an assistant, but make sure you’re not getting crucial information from a student worker! Your grades are too important to get pertinent information from someone who, while well-intended, may not know. Get very important things, like grade changes, in writing!

Have questions about billing?

Call Student Accounts, the Cashier or the Business Office! In large schools, you may find all 3. In smaller one’s the same office may be called by any one of these names.

Have questions about Financial Aid?

Call Financial Aid or the Business Office!

Think you or your child needs help?

Call the Health Center, Counseling Center or the Dean of Student’s office!

Want to complain about a professor?

Call the Department Chairperson. If the person you are complaining about IS the chair, call the Dean of the Faculty, the Dean of Academics or the Dean of the College.

Concerned about Safety?

Call Campus Security or Public Information (they will have crime stats!)

Need a catalog?

Call Admissions or the Registrar!

Got a roommate problem?

Call the RA (Resident Assistant). If you can’t call them directly, try for a Resident Director or Area Coordinator in the Office of Residence Life.

Want to play a sport or start a new team?

Call the Athletic Department!

Want to start a new club?

Call the Director of Student Activities!

Been harassed?

Call the Police Dept. or Public Safety, the Dean of Students and the Counseling Center!

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