College Grants for Art Students

Last updated on March 4, 2020

Being a student of the Arts field of schooling will often times require additional funding from outside sources. There are many local, federal, state, and private organizations that are offering grants and scholarships to qualifying applicants.

There are many more art students who are looking to apply grants and scholarships to their school payments than ever before. Let’s take a look at some of the options available to art students and where they can find additional sources of funding for books, tuition, living expenses, housing, and more.

Federal Pell Grant – This is available to students no matter what subject they are studying. Funding can be provided up to $5,500 worth of additional financial support and can be combined with other forms of grants and scholarships. Be sure to fill out a FAFSA in order to discover your options on the federal level of support.

The National Endowment of the Arts – This is the federal organization dedicated to helping procure graduate and undergraduate students. It regularly provides support for art and art projects throughout communities across the nation.

Smithsonian Art Grants – The Smithsonian normally gives out grants and scholarships based on a variety of criteria. You have to be an art student, first and foremost, and show exceptional skill in your area of expertise.

Private Funding From Art Colleges And Universities – Often times, private art colleges and universities offer substantial funding for art students who choose to go to their colleges. Check with the college you attend, with the financial aid advisor, to see what options are available to you on the private level.

W. Eugene Smith Grant – Humanistic Photography – This grant offers a total of $2.500 – $30,000 for eligible applicants. Students must have an academic interest in photography.

Scholastic Art and Writing Awards – This provides current high school students with thousands of dollars in funding for college scholarship. There is more than one category available for students to be sponsored in for future college endeavors.

Being an art student is fairly affordable and together with the grants and scholarships currently available, talented art students can finally get the funding they need to complete their schooling. Loan debt, when it comes to schooling, can be paid off after a student finds suitable employment after college.

However, these scholarships, grants, and fellowships stand to provide additional funding that never has to be paid back. Art students are encouraged to contact state, federal, and private organizations to organize funding for their schooling in addition to any private means of funding they can come up with.


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