College Food that Doesn’t Suck

While you may have heard or experienced the fact that most food on college campuses are terrible, there are some foods in college that don’t suck. Here’s your guide to college foods that don’t suck.

Bagels and eggs are always really good and really customizable. It may seem sucky to wake up in the morning to get breakfast but it really is the best meal of the day in every sense of the word.

The dessert bar is always fully stocked and fresh. So many good combinations, just make sure you limit yourself or hello freshman fifteen. Try the pies, a lot of the time they are really creative with their fruit filling.

Pizza, oh the pizza. Everyone loves pizza unless you’re allergic to tomatoes, but if that’s the case cafeteria’s make white pizza just for you. Eating pizza in the dining hall is an awesome way to save money on those late night study pies and still get your pizza fix. Often they are fresher and unique then anything you’d order from Pizza Hut.

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Burgers and fries are always available and always yummy; fast food style never goes out of fashion. With different toppings and different fry shapes you can pretend you’re in an upscale Burger Joint like Red Robin and make your burger pretty and delicious.

When in doubt, you can’t go wrong with cereal. That’s the bottom line for a college student.