College Course Syllabus Tips & Information

With each college class, a college student will receive a course syllabus. This syllabus may be confusing or useless, but it actually is very important to your semester. Typically the college course syllabus lists what is expected of you for the class such as: The attendance policy, dates of quizzes, tests, exams, and the professor’s contact information and office hours.

Attendance Policy

This is very important, you need to know how many classes you can cut without losing points from your final grade. This varies based on the professor, and the frequency the class meets. Typically more than 2 or 3 cut classes results in loosing grade points. The course syllabus should clearly state the professor’s “cut policy.” The best practice is to save your cut days for later in the year because you never know what could come up.

Dates of papers, quizzes, tests and exams

The dates of when papers, tests, quizzes and exams may seem worthless at the beginning of the semester, but as it gets later in the semester it gets hard to keep track of what is due for what class at what time. The best thing to do is get day planner book, PDA, smart phone, or something with a calendar that you can keep with you at all times. This will help you manage your study time and stay on track. Learning you have a test that day when you show up for class is no fun, so don’t let it happen.

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The professors contact info

The professors contact information and office hours should be clearly displayed at the top of the college course syllabus. If not, be sure to stop the professor after class and ask them what way they prefer to be reached. Is very important so when you have a problem, or you cant make a class you can get in touch with you professor before class. If you contact your professor before class, typically they will be more flexible. Office hours are important because they allow you to meet with the professor one on one which helps them get to know you and show them you care about the class. Don’t forget you are going to need references when you start job hunting.