Post Graduation Fears

If you are one of those insanely lucky people that is about to graduate in the next semester or two, good for you! However you’re probably like me, in that the idea of not having a job after you graduate scares you silly, causing some potential post graduation fears.

Well, don’t feel like you’re alone, because a lot of graduates–especially now-a-days–are facing the prospect of graduating without a concrete job offer. It’s a scary prospect to be sure. So, what do you do about it? If you are lucky enough to be reading this article with several months, or semesters, before you graduate then good for you. If not, you have to get a move on, right now!  Here’s what you do:

  • Update your resume: If you don’t have a resume, you better start writing. After you’re done writing, show it to your professor and get it proof read. There are lots of different ways to style and compose a resume, make sure you didn’t choose the wrong way for either of those categories.
  • Look for jobs: That’s right, it doesn’t matter that you haven’t graduated yet; nor does it matter that you aren’t graduating anytime soon. Why? Because people like proactive applicants. Granted, you may feel like you’re spinning your wheels because people may say that they have no spots open at the time, or that you should call them after you graduate. However, there is wisdom in an early application. What is that wisdom? They have your resume, they know your name and they know you want the job. That sort of dedication and interest shows employers that you are someone that will be a great employee, because you want to be there.
  • Cover letter: After you find the jobs that you want to apply for, you have to make a specific cover letter for each one. It doesn’t matter that it takes time to do a new one each time, it pays dividends. It is useful because employers can spot a copy-and-pasted cover letter just as easily as you can write one. In your cover letter you want to say why you’re interested in that company, and provide the experience to say why you’d be a good fit. It isn’t a difficult thing, and you will be glad you made so many.
  • Follow up: If you really want a job, you have to hound these people until they give you one, of two, answers: Yes, or no. If there is silence, that is neither a yes or a no; so you have to keep trying. Persistence shows that you are interested in THAT job, not in just any job. Employers want to feel that they are your first choice; make them think they are.

There are a lot of other things you can do to make yourself more attractive to a potential employer, but you’re going to have to figure those things out for yourself. Just know that the early bird gets the worm, and the persistent beaver cuts down the tree.  Hope this helps to calm some of your anxiety and post graduation fears


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