Celebrating Halloween in College

Halloween is upon us and so are the spooks. Although Halloween won’t get you out of class (usually), it can certainly take your mind off of your studies for a while! Here are a few ways you can celebrate Halloween as a college student.

Carve Pumpkins: You can generally buy a good-sized pumpkin for roughly $5 at stores such as Walmart. Your friends can even hold a contest to see who can carve the best one. To add spice to the contest, you can see who carve out the best Disney villain (Scar, Jafar, and Hades would make good subjects).

Trick-or-Treat: Who says you’re too old to want to go get candy? Although you ought to be prepared for the occasional glance from adults, trick-or-treating is one of the best ways to get your post-midterm sugar levels back to normal.

Reverse Trick-or-Treat: If you feel a bit too old to go out trick-or-treating yourself, you can try the reverse. Go buy a bag of candy and distribute it to other people in your apartment complex or dorm. It’s an activity that will make your feel-goods feel good. Although I’m a personal fan of home-baked goodies, people might not trust a bunch of college kids who show up with a plate of goodies. It might be best to stick with store-bought goods.

Spooky Stories: Try staying up late with your friends telling spooky stories. Looking up a few scary stories online can help you be prepared for late night conversations. If you can’t find anything online, go to the library and look up Edgar Allan Poe. If you can understand his old English, you may wet your pants. If scary stories don’t cut it, you might try. . . .

Scary Movies: Appropriate Halloween movies can range from the terrifying Exorcist to the comical The Ghost and Mr. Chicken. Horror films are great opportunities to snuggle with your sweetheart. Funny movies are also good for snuggling, but may require a little more work to get to that point. Old movies, meant to be horror movies, often make great comedies 50 years later!

Haunted Mansions: Go hit up a haunted mansion/forest/grocery store/school, etc. These can range from extremely entertaining to lame. A friend of mine got bored in a haunted house one time so she faked a seizure. It must have been quite amusing to have a man with an ax sticking out of his head hovering over her and wondering if he should perform CPR.

Haunted Mansions, the Sequel: If you aren’t big on being scared, but a huge fan of scaring, you and your roommates might try rigging up a haunted house yourself. If your apartment is big enough, you can set up a pretty nifty haunted house right in your kitchen. Music from the Phantom of the Opera or Cybergenesis by the Cincinnatti Pops.

Costume Contest: Halloween would not be Halloween without costumes. The classic witch, ghost and vampire are always good. Classic cop-out costumes include wearing a giant enlarged quarter on your back (to be a quarterback) or just dressing in your normal clothes with a sign that says, “Nudist on Strike.” Dressing up as a political figure such as George Bush or Barack Obama could definitely draw laughs—especially if you can pull off an impersonation.

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