Best Places to Study Off-Campus

Last updated on November 27, 2017

As a college student, you will find that there are lots of times when you are going to need to study. When you are in college, you might need to spend some time off campus studying. Whether you are simply a commuter student who doesn’t have a quite dorm to study in or an on-campus student who also doesn’t have a quiet dorm to study in, you still need to study.

Here are some good places to study that are off-campus.

1) Probably the best thing about being a commuter is that if you are local, you can go to your parents’ house to study for your tests.

Your parents are the last people who are going to bug you and interfere with your quest to get good grades. They might want to talk to you a little bit, but they won’t be pestering you to the point where you simply cannot study by yourself.

2) Fast food joints are good places to consider, if you are really in a jam.

Go to a Burger King at noon, and see how many people you know in the place. It is going to be full of old people, and others who are just in there to get a burger and go. There is no one who is going to want to bug you in the middle of a fast food restaurant, unless you are sitting in more than one chair.

3) The park is an even better place to study if you can find the time to go out there.

Find a good park bench, and just start pounding away at your keyboard. Do your research on-line, and hopefully, you have something that has a solid back, so that you can write on it if need be, or a good spot where you can read. Also, watch out for the insects that might be around too, and don’t get a bit too much.

Bonus: If you have permission, you could always study at your friend’s house.

There are plenty of good places where you can get yourself to study on your own if you know where to look. Just find a quiet spot, and start studying. Honestly, it might be easier to do that because you can find places off-campus where nobody else is sure to be, as long as only you go to that spot.


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