5 Great Beats to Listen to While Studying

The verdict may still be out on the best way to study, but many college students find it is easier to focus on their work while listening to music.

The trick is to find music that puts itself in the background and blocks out all other distractions while not being a distraction itself.

Songs with intricate arrangements or intense lyrics are not usually the best songs to listen to while studying. But there are plenty of other songs that college students can use to push the rest of the world to the background while still maintaining a steady focus on studying test material.

To start your studying playlist out right, listen to these five beats.

Mozart – “Piano Trio in B Flat”

One of the first surprises college students encounter is how helpful classical music is to their studies. Mozart has several pieces that have become mainstays with online college students who need to focus on their studies. The “Piano Trio in B Flat” is extremely upbeat and has a rhythm that is evident but not overpowering. The way that the stringed instruments intertwine with the piano makes it a song that your brain does not have to follow to enjoy.

Andres Segovia – “Asturias”

While Andres Segovia’s version of “Asturias” does not have much of a beat, it does have a natural rhythm that makes it one of the best studying songs. Segovia is considered by many to be one of the greatest classical guitarists of all time. His ability to maintain rhythm while incorporating a swirling melody makes this song soothing enough to be background music but intense enough to keep your brain active and focused.

Zoë Keating – “Escape Artist”

It is extremely difficult to lose focus on your schoolwork while listening to “Escape Artist.” Zoë loops the different cello sounds into one entity with smooth transitions. It starts off as a dreamy exploration and then keeps winding its way through a variety of cello sounds, ending with the listener hitting “repeat.”

Massive Attack – “Teardrop”

There is nothing pretentious or bombastic about this track at all. The soothing vocals drift over a subtle drum beat and melody that all just seem to work together. If you are looking for a song that is designed to be effective background music for studying, then add this to your studying playlist.

Enigma – “Sadness”

This is a song that first appeared in 1990 and received critical acclaim for its historic allure. The Gregorian chants that appear throughout the song blend well into the music and create a very serene feeling. The persistent drum beat seems to tie together the various parts of the song into a single entity. There are a lot of instruments in this song, but you never feel the need to follow any one particular sound, which makes this song great for background music while studying.

Good studying music can enhance your ability to focus on your work and get more out of the information you are reading. These five beats can help you filter out the background noise and replace the distractions with a musical focus that will help you stay motivated on the studying task at hand.

What are some of your favorite songs to listen to while studying?


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