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good and bad habits

Bad Habits and Good Habits for Students

A new school year offers students a chance for a fresh start. A bad habit from a previous year does not have to carry...
Monthly Budget

Establishing a Monthly Budget After College

Most of us need to know where our money is going. Even people who earn a good income develop a budget to keep track...

Saving Tips For College Grads

If you just got out of college and you are trying to figure out how to get ahead on your entry-level salary, make sure...
Money Management

6 Money Management Tips for College Grads

Congratulations you’ve graduated! Depending on how your entry level job search is going, you either have no income yet and you are back living...

Investing Guide for Graduates

If you’ve got extra funds each month, and you’re looking for a sufficient return on that money, you may want to consider investing it....

401(k) Basics for Recent College Grads

A 401k is an employee sponsored plan that allows you to save for retirement by contributing part of your earnings tax-deferred (meaning you won’t...
Credit Score

How to Build Credit as a New Graduate

You will quickly realize the importance of good credit when you graduate and enter the workforce. Student credit is generally very limited – student...
writing a letter of recommendation

Expert Advice on Getting a Letter of Recommendation

Whether requested for applications for undergraduate admission, scholarship, graduate school, or the workplace, letters of recommendation are one of the most important elements of...

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