6 Easy Ways You Can Improve Your Memory

You’ve got a lot of things to remember in college – your friends’ names, especially new friends. You have to remember your lecture schedules, titles of books for your research and projects, subjects and the various topics under each subject. And extra curricula activities if you’re a member of a club or association on campus. All this requires the use of your brain – so how can you improve your memory.

If you have a weak memory, you’ll have a hard time dealing with the above issues. Fortunately, you can harness the power of your memory to handle various tasks with less stress. You’ll learn how to achieve that by the time you finish reading this article.

1. Brain exercise

An active memory relies on the vitality and health of your brain. Just like any other muscle in your body, you must exercise your brain on a regular basis in order to keep it active all the time. To achieve this, try new things that require critical thinking – learning a new language, learning how to play your favorite musical instrument, a sport skill, etc.

Your chosen activity should be challenging enough to stretch the thinking muscles of your brain. It should also be entertaining and exciting so you don’t mind doing it over and over again. Learning how to sing your favorite music track can also be a very good brain exercise that’ll help improve your memory. Alternatively, some games are designed entirely for brain exercise. Do a search on the Internet to find out about the various types.

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2. Regular exercise

One of the things that has helped me improve my memory is exercise. Working out your body is like working out your brain on its own. Exercise helps the flow of oxygen to your brain and minimizes your risk of potential brain disorders that can lead to poor functions of your memory. Again, exercise helps relax your body, keeps your mind alert for maximum retention of information.

You don’t need a professional workout plan to stay fit and healthy. You can begin with simple brisk walking of 10-20 minutes per day. The stairs in your building can serve as fitness workout equipment. In this case, climb the stairs up and down every morning or at any time that suits you most.

To gain the full benefit of your exercise, incorporate stretching into your workout.

3. Enough sleep

Lack of sound sleep will affect your creativity, your critical thinking ability, your ability to solve problems, your brain’s well-being, and therefore, your memory. To avoid this, strive to have enough sleep of about 7-8 hours daily. Take short naps of 20-30 minutes during the day in order to keep your sanity. If you try this, you’ll be amazed at the power of sound sleeping.

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4. Socialize with friends

Hanging out with friends will help reduce stress, depression, and anxiety. And this will help improve your memory greatly! Be friendly to people and keep a cheerful face all the time. Join in the discussion among your peers and be the funny one. Also, you can join a fun club on campus, participate in any voluntary activity, and make more friends with active people. As the saying goes “All work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy.”

5. Meditate

The act of meditating will keep your memory active for as long as possible. Meditation will help free your mind, it will enhance your concentration, it will keep you focused, it will improve your creativity and logical reasoning power. In a nutshell, meditation will help improve your memory.

You don’t need to spend a whole hour on meditation. A 10-15 minute meditation per day will do wonders to your memory. Trust me! Do a search for meditation video on the Internet to learn how it’s done.

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6. Avoid clutter in your room

Living in a disorganized environment can render your memory inactive. Put away all the things that don’t serve any purpose in your room. If you check your room thoroughly, I’m sure you’ll find a lot of items that you’ve not used for some time now. Am I right? These kind of items will always draw your attention away from the most important things that you need to focus on, therefore, interrupting your memory. Take out all those items that you’ve not touched for a long time and leave those that you use regularly. Strive to tidy up your room always.

Finally, you can really improve your memory in order to retain lots of information by exercising your brain on a regular basis, working out your body as often as possible, having enough sleep of 7-8 hours daily, socializing with friends, practicing meditation, and avoiding clutter in your room.