Advantages of Living at Home During College

Last updated on November 27, 2017

There are five big advantages to living at home while attending college.

1) Convenience.

All of your stuff is at home, right? You’re not going to have to move a thing if you stay at home instead of on-campus. All of your books, supplies, clothes, electronics, and everything your family is willing to share with you is going to be inside waiting for you.

You won’t have to decide what is important and what isn’t. It can be quite a pain to find a way to transport all your gotta-have-its and probably-need-its.

2) Cash.

If you live at home, you’re going to need a local college or university. A local college is going to save you money with in state aid options. But that isn’t all! You won’t have to double your tuition with that crazy-pricey room and board bill.

Also, believe it or not, even with a meal plan you will still need cash for random snacks and other junk and because of the crazy-pricy room and board bill you probably won’t have it! So live at home and raid the fridge.

3) Familiarity.

The first year of college might be a little overwhelming. A lot of first years spend every weekend at home anyway, why not just commute until you make some friends?

Freshmen year is a great time to ease into a new lifestyle by keeping one foot in your parents’ house. You can still go to the parties and decide later if you want to commit to living with all your messy buddies or worse, messy strangers.

4) Space.

Most dorms are tiny, old and oddly shaped. You will be assigned a bed, a dresser, and a desk. Maybe you’ll have space to hang your clothes. You’ll have to get creative about where to keep your extra shoes. Space for your enormous textbooks will be the least of your concerns… but if you live at home, you’ll have all the room you grew up in.

5) Control.

In college the best place to study is far away in the library. Your dorm room is probably going to be full of distractions. If you have a roommate or two, you are going to be compromising constantly.

What will you watch on Television? When is it time to go to bed? What do you mean, the room smells like garlic?

At home, you’ve got a system already in place. One less thing to worry about in the course of your student life.


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