Adult Education Improves Lives

Last updated on November 27, 2017

Citizens cannot know when they are young everything that they will need to know for a lifetime. The young might not even know what subjects he or she will not need to know. Education needs to be a lifetime process. There are many options and many levels of expertise we can utilize to perfect our lives.

Keep Skills Up

Jobs are changing as fast as technology develops. In the seventies, career counselors stated that people would need to retrain at least five times in a lifetime, but it is not for a new career but for skills necessary in the original occupations.

Engineering illustrates the situation. Until the early seventies, engineers used an antique tool called a slide rule. Engineers drew by hand, but that changed drastically and the professional changed a lot by the end of the century.

Engineers calculate today with calculators and computer programs and CAD programs do drawings. If someone had not kept his or her skills up he or she would fail to progress or maintain employment.

Small World

Not only do people live away from extended families; they travel throughout the world. Businesses do not remain in the same town and even operate all throughout the world. An individual working for a company may need to interact with branches or contractors of their companies in another country.

The recreational travel and globalization of industry cause people to want to learn other languages. A language thought practical while in high school might prove unusable while later desiring another language. Foreign languages are frequently a popular adult education class.


Sometimes a person learns of knowledge needed to keep his or her life functioning at an optimum level. Some may find some architecture classes helpful when they want to refurbish an older home, or business classes to maximize funds for retirement, or basic marketing skills to promote a nonprofit’s mission. The skill sets we want may change through out our lives.

The personal life may prompt us to learn subjects never thought of previous such as medical knowledge. Many need to learn of illness that strikes family members.


The life an individual wanted when young may not last a lifetime. Changing whole careers seem desirable later in life. Sometimes professionals want to change to a trade or people within the trades want to turn in physical jobs for less strenuous position. A career does not have to last a lifetime since adult education options exist.

Education should never end. Removing can’t from our language facilitate a lifetime of learning.


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