6 Things to do on Campus When It Rains

When you wake up in the morning and you just want to get out of your dorm because the rain is making your seasonal allergy roommate lose her nose from blowing, these tips will surely help your boredom. Leave that tissue mess behind for a great day with bad weather.

1. Go dancing in it

There’s nothing wackier or more refreshing than taking a rain dance shower. When you’re in college you’re expected to be crazy and have the time of your life, do it with friends and show some confidence. Maybe your antics will even show off your self-confidence to the hottie across the quad and you can snag a date to the party this weekend.

2. Do your dirty dishes and conserve water

There is nothing wrong with “Going Green” and on campus where you’re unsure of what’s in the water anyway, it’s a good idea to use the least that you can. Doing your dishes in the rain conserves water and gives you the extra advantage of not having to stare at a full bowl of macaroni in your bathroom sink.

3. Mud Bowl

Grab your friends, grab a football, and head to the nearest patch of mud with your run down clothes. Start throwing the ball around, wrestle a little, and the let the fun begin. Leave the bikini’s in the dorms.

4. Mud Sledding on a Hill

You’ve heard of the infamous “snow traying” or sledding in the winter on cafeteria trays. Change it up and make the spring just as much fun as the winter by finding the nearest hill and letting loose your inner seven year-old. You’re bound to start a trend on campus that everyone will be gossiping about the next morning.

5. Drinking

When in doubt, do what college students are known to do and break out some signature rainy day drinks like dark and stormy hurricane, thunder clap, damn the weather, and tropical rain storm.

6. Clean your dorm room

Because just like your mother taught you, you always should.

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