5 Must Have Things for a College Dorm Room

If you have never lived on your own before, you might not be sure which items you will need to bring with you to your college dorm. The first step in packing for college is to find out what your school or roommate will be providing.

The following list describes the five must have things for your college dorm room:

1. Extension Cords

Unless you are one of the lucky few that gets to live in one of the newer dorms on campus, you may find that there are only one or two electrical outlets in your room. Some dorm rooms may have both of those outlets on one side of the room. This situation may restrict you and your roommate to keeping both desks or beds on one side of the room. Extension cords give you the flexibility to access your electrical outlets on any side of the room.

2. Surge Protector

A surge protector will be helpful in case the power goes out while you’re typing your final paper for English 101. A surge protector can also be helpful in increasing the number of electrical outlets to which you have access in your dorm room.

3. Wireless Router/Ethernet Cable

Just like the flexibility the extension cords will give you, a wireless router or additional ethernet cable will allow you to use your laptop in any part of your dorm room. Some colleges will even require freshmen to purchase an ethernet cable if the dorm is not yet equipped with wireless internet access. The ethernet cables on campus are generally more expensive than you could purchase before arriving on campus so it may be a handy thing to bring with you to college.

4. Microwave

Although your dorm may have a kitchen, it might be handy to bring your own microwave for your room. You don’t need to buy a brand new microwave, check out garage sales and amazon.com for cheaper, used microwaves.

5. Mini-Fridge

Just like the microwave, the mini-fridge will be a helpful way to keep snacks close-by for late night studying and hanging out with friends.


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