4 Tips for College Graduation Day

Last updated on March 25, 2019

When the day finally comes to graduate, here are a few tips to remember.

1. Try not to drink too much the night before

Celebrating is great and a must, but just try not to do it the night before your graduation ceremony. The last thing you want is to be hung over in a cap and gown in the hot sun.

2. Find your friends and sit next to them

Typically colleges sit students together by major, so make sure you meet up with your friends in your major so you have someone to talk to. Graduations are typically extremely long and boring, so its best to not be alone.

3. Make sure you have your cell phone on you

Graduation is a mob scene after it is over so have your cell phone on you so you can find your family and friends.

4. Thank your parents

If your parents or guardians paid for all or part of your tuition, make sure you thank them and give them a great big hug, and tell them you couldn’t do it without them – they deserve it.


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