Why Study Abroad?

Many people think that studying abroad is time-consuming, expensive and probably not worth the trouble. I am here to prove otherwise! Studying abroad is an incredible opportunity and there are multiple reasons why it is definitely worth doing, or at least, considering.  Soon you will be thinking why not study abroad.

Get Some Culture

I am willing to bet that most of you have never been out of the country. If you have, it has either been with your parents or for no longer than a few days to a week. And, let me guess, you were most likely working the stereotypical tourist look, right? Well, if this is true you need some culture. These minor vacations do not compare with what you will learn and experience when you are with other students in another country for months! Immersing yourself into a completely new, and different, culture can be a shocking experience, but eventually you adapt to life in a new country.  And once you do, you realize firsthand that every person, and culture, in the world is unique and you truly learn to appreciate differences.

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Get That Dream Job

Ever wanted to put something really impressive on your resume? Well this is something that will impress your potential boss! Saying that you have been abroad can tell a lot about you. Your future employer will consider you open-minded and adaptable. Having international experience will put you on another level than your competitors. Who knows? If your interviewer has been to the same country, maybe you will have something to talk about, and maybe it will be the deciding factor on whether or not you get the job.

The People

People always say that the friends you meet in college are the ones that last a lifetime. This is true; however, the friends you spend several months with in another country? Now, those are the friends that will last forever. You will meet people from your home country. Also, you can form friendships in the new country where you will be living. The people you go on a study abroad with will share some of your all-time favorite memories. Nothing compares to someone who knows you and knows just exactly what you’ve experienced.

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Becoming I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T

Are you one of those students still living with your parents? If not, props to you for moving out. But, I bet your parents still have a little bit of say in your life, even if you are miles away from home. Studying abroad is your chance to prove to Mom and Dad, and to yourself, that you can take care of yourself. Being so far away will help you get ready for adult life. There will be no parent to hold your hand as you experience a new place. Most likely (and hopefully) you will love the independence and the opportunity to do things without any one telling you yes or no.

Have a Little Fun!

Sure, there are probably fun things to do where you live, but it is such an adventure to be abroad! You will be able to try different food and meet exciting people. You will be out of your comfort zone, but it will be the greatest experience of your life. The memories that you make will be some of the best that you have ever had your whole life! Plus, these memories will make your friends envy your escapades. In the long run, you will be well-traveled and you will always have something to tell the kids, especially on why they should study abroad.

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