7 Tips and Tricks for Studying Abroad

1. Make three copies of your passport

This is very important if anything were to happen to the original. Keep one with you at all times, one in a safe at your hotel, and one with your family. If anything happens while you’re abroad, you’ll be able to get back home again with no trouble.

2. Pay for trip insurance

This is also a must if you get sick or the trip gets canceled. This ensures at least a partial if not full refund of your money.

3.Pay for baggage insurance

Much like trip insurance, baggage insurance is a must because of the increasing loss of suitcases on planes these days. Better safe than sorry with this one as it’s better to wait a few days for your bags than to have to buy everything all over again in a very expensive foreign country.

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4.If you’re lost, go to a bank

Most tellers who work in foreign banks are expected to know multiple languages including English. So it’s your safest bet if you’re unsure where you are or get lost from a tour group.

5.Don’t drink alone

This is a rule anywhere, but be especially careful in a foreign country. If you’re going to get plastered, do it with a group of people and make sure you know the area. There are just as many creeps abroad as there are in the US.

6.Keep everything close to you while traveling

This is crucial in airports and while traveling by bus, do not leave anything unattended or without a body part on it.

7.Pack light

Don’t bring too much when you study abroad. You’re bound to buy new clothes while you’re in your host country as well as a bunch of souvenirs. Leave room in your bags for your new goodies.