Why Adults Learn Differently than Children

The older you are the more information you have taken in and processed. You are processing information, with your senses, every waking moment. You are constantly using the information you have already taken into process new information. This means that people process information differently and from each other. That’s why people are so diverse with different likes, thoughts, beliefs, etc.

The more information someone has, the more complex it is to change them.

Trying to get a kid to believe something is far easier than getting an adult to believe it. Religion makes for the perfect example.

Why do you think churches allow kids to attend their services? Why not allow a child to have enough experiences to evaluate whether or not organized religion is right for them?

People want other people to think how they think. It’s infuriating when someone doesn’t see it the same way you do, or at least it would be infuriating if the information you have taken it makes you have that response.

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It’s a lot easier for a kid to learn the basics of something, because they don’t know any other way.

Learning a language is second nature before you even know what words are.

Adults who spent almost all their life speaking one language having a significantly harder time learning a different language. They have spent their whole life learning how to communicate ideas, thoughts, and actions to other people.

Suddenly changing that would be like switching the universal traffic light colors. Imagine that green is for stop and red is for go. Everyone is formed a whole year in advance, but because it’s second nature the amount of problems it would cause would be crazy.

Imagine what a kid sees when he sees an angry man.

The kid just sees someone who is mad, and that’s all the kid will see. He doesn’t know why unless someone tells him.

An adult will see the angry man and immediately start filling in blanks. He’s angry about his job, he’s having a bad day, his wife is cheating on him, etc.

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There’s a saying that you’re never too old to learn something new, but there’s also a saying that you can’t teach an old dog a new trick.

Neither are perfectly true.

You use old information to evaluate new information. Then you take that processed information and re-evaluate the old information. We are always judging books by its cover. Even after we judge we can re-evaluate our assumptions.

Give a kid something to eat and they eat it. Give an adult something to eat and they want to know if it’s safe. They really look at it and use their judgment to evaluate it. A kid will do the same thing, but it’s just because they know they don’t like certain foods by taste.