What You Need To Get an Internship and Keep It

Things to accomplish before you start your internship search:

  • Complete your resume and have at least 3 people proofread it.
  • Have it printed on quality resume paper to give to companies.
  • Decide on the exact details of the internship you are looking for: paid, unpaid, or for college credit.
  • Be aware of the location of the company and willingness to relocate.

Begin with your college website, newspaper, or campus career center. Every college website usually posts new job opportunities and internships online and has advice about resumes, interviews, and more. Internships will not just be handed to you, there is usually a minimal market for internships so you must search and apply at multiple places. There are usually only a few positions, especially if you are looking for something that is paid.

Some sites where you can start are:

There are also opportunities for International Internships:

Key tips to keep in mind:

  • Most websites will have you upload or copy and paste your resume so that companies may view them. Make sure there are no grammar, spelling or format mistakes in the upload.
  • Some websites have FREE registration & others will try and make you pay so try & look for free websites first. There are numerous free websites available for internship hunting.
  • Remember to try networking, going directly to companies, speaking with someone, using the phone book yellow pages and calling businesses.
  • Tell as many people as possible about the internship you are looking for. You need as many ears and eyes out there as possible and these may create connections that you never thought possible.
  • When applying, indicate exactly what you are looking for and availability.
  • Always provide follow-up thank-you emails and emails asking whether the position has been filled. Don’t ever stop after just one email, show the company that you really want the internship.
  • Never get frustrated by all the no answers you will hear because the internship process is a very long search and you may hear ten no answers before you get a yes.


Before going to an interview, always look up company or business and read about current events. Being knowledgeable about what is going on globally and economically is also key. Remember to ask for a business card before leaving the interview, this will provide you with phone numbers and emails that you will need to stay in contact with the company.

  • Bring a portfolio filled with work that you have done in the past at other jobs or for college classes. This gives the company a good basis for the quality of work they can expect from you, an example of things you can accomplish, and past experience.
  • Be able to talk to the professional interviewing you about your past experience and what you are expecting to accomplish by working for their company.
  • Always act professional in interviews, introduce yourself and shake hands.
  • Be interested in what is being said and remember to speak, this interview is about you.
  • Thank the person interviewing you and imply that you look forward to hearing from them soon.

Working at the Internship

  • Be prepared and sell yourself to your supervisor, be willing to work hard, do the boring tasks and take instruction, know why you’re doing your internship, appreciate anything your supervisor tells you, and get a reference letter before you leave.
  • Dress appropriately for your job. Your supervisor will usually tell you, if not observe what others are wearing at work but never cross any boundaries on what might be too revealing or non-professional looking.
  • Be very respectful and thankful that you received the opportunity for this internship.
  • Complete your tasks to the best of your ability and show your hard work.
  • If you are told that something is wrong, try again remembering that an internship is a learning experience and everyone’s opinion is very valuable and they are just trying to help you in the long run.

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