Boost College Spending Power (without Loans and Credit Cards)

Finding money to enjoy life in college can be difficult, especially when you’re working to pay off school and cover basic expenses, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t splurge occasionally.

Here are some easy tips to help boost your disposable income without jeopardizing your financial well-being.

1. Find a seasonal part-time job

Maybe you already have a part-time gig or a work-study job on campus, but there are many times throughout the year where employers are looking for light help through the holidays without long-term expectations.

Retail stores are great for this and can often be flexible with your schedule as long as you work certain important days.

Save all of your paychecks from this short stint and you could use the sum for fun items or outings.

2. Sell some old books, clothes, or other items

This seems simple, but is very effective. Sort through all of your stuff and I’m sure you’ll find some things that you no longer use or want, especially school books, that could be sold online or at a local thrift store.

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While individually they may not yield large amounts, they will certainly add up over time and require little effort for the payoff.

Also, you’ll have less to pack up and move out at the end of the year by clearing up some space!

3. Make hobbies payoff!

Are you a gym buff who loves to take Zumba or Cycle classes? Maybe you’re an artist or a budding stand-up comic. Either way, try to make some money by doing the activities you already enjoy.

Health certifications may cost money initially, but could be a wise investment with great perks (think free memberships and flexible schedules) and art & craft shows are sometimes free to have a booth and could lend you great exposure.

Either way, you’ll hone your talent even more while raking in some additional income.

There are many more ways to make additional cash during college. What are some other methods you’re using to deepen your pockets?

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