Tips for Adult Students to Relating to Younger Teachers

If you are a mature student, chances are, most of your teachers will be much younger than you are. But should this present a problem for the mature student? Of course, not! The purpose of your being in school is to learn and to get an education. Comparing your age to that of your teachers is a bloody waste of time and effort.

In any case, you can relate to your much younger teachers by applying the tips below.

1) Pretend you are young

In this context, this does not mean that you need to become a clown or a comedian. The trick is to recognize that knowledge comes with experience and age. Therefore, if your much younger teacher has the knowledge that you seek and you don’t, then the teacher is old and you are young. So pretend you are young and pretend that the teacher is old. This will make it easier for you to learn.

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2) Be Humble

You simply cannot learn anything from your much younger teacher if you look down on him or her on account of age. So you need to relate to your teacher from the point of humility. Be humble and respect your teacher and he or she will respect you as well.

3) Relax

One reason you may have problems relating to your much younger teacher may be your attitude. You probably have the impression that people are looking at you and they are thinking: “This student is so old. How come he or she did not go to school at the right time?” if this is your attitude, you need to relax and stop being so uptight about your age. The truth is that your teacher may be half your age but he does not see your age. He just sees you as a student. So behave like a student and there will be no problems. In any case, other people are too busy with their own school work to have time for your age or lack of age.

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4) Shut your mouth

If you are a mature student and you are touchy about your age, each time you open your mouth, this fact will show in your words. Therefore, in your relationship with your teacher, you need to shut your mouth. Don’t speak out of turn and don’t try to claim any special benefits from your teacher on account of your age. Instead, be a quiet and dignified person and you will get the respect of your much younger teachers.

Finally, don’t try to be a father figure or a mother to your teacher. Your teachers have their own parents anyhow. Comport yourself like a student and you will enjoy a good relationship with your teachers – even if they are half your age.