The Benefits of Sending Your Child to an International School

Education is something that must not be overlooked. A child can enter a regular or international school, but the second option is limited only to respective countries, such as the United States. The curriculum varies depending on what suits your child. The language used is commonly English but still relies on the curriculum that the school follows.

The very first international school was inspired by the African missionaries in the 1800s. It was made to supply the same level of education to the children. Now, there is an increase of domestic students of about 80% in some international schools. They have adopted the curriculum of British and American, and also considered local curriculum, but this is unusual.

The latest number of international schools had reached over 10,000 in 2020 with over 6 million students. It will continue to grow to reach out to the domestic markets to provide better education.

Regular School Versus International School

The curriculum is the main difference between regular and international schools. Children can learn a holistic approach with international education. It includes subjects for practical applications to help them find a job in the future a lot easier.

Staff in international schools enjoy more benefits and better pay compared to other education sectors. It can also boast the best technologies to provide quality services for each student.

The number of students also differs wherein international schools only cater to a limited class size than regular schools. It is believed that this factor has an effect on the level of knowledge each student would obtain.

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The pricing between international and regular schools also varies. However, it depends on the location and financial capability of the students. Some countries offer education for free, like in Europe which is a great help for most families.

The Edges of International School

It was mentioned that international schools cater to fewer classes and hire a good staff resulting in more promising education. The following benefits might persuade parents to send their children to an international school.

1. International Schools are Mobile-Friendly

Studying in an international school can be done wherever you are. It is very practical to follow its curriculum without sacrificing a child’s freedom to learn with proper supervision. For parents looking for the best alternative to sending their kids to a regular school, this one could be the most acceptable option.

2. International Schools are Equipped With Higher Quality Education

Every child deserves to study in a school that offers the right curriculum for their needs. Well, international schools have passed a lot of governing bodies to establish trust in the market. This has made them more accredited compared to local schools. Quality schools also guarantee a safer environment for children, which all parents long for.

3. International Schools Promote Global Community

One of the struggles of a child that belongs to a mobile family is adapting to a new environment more often. International students can be exposed to different cultures and a group of people which is an advantage to widen their perspective. Such a transition will teach them to respect whatever culture and so build a sounder community for all the students.

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4. International Schools Increase Job Opportunities

Gaining confidence may begin at home but will flourish at school. When a child is exposed to a wider culture, there is a higher possibility of developing better self-esteem. Working with various people in the future would not be too hard because of what international students have learned on school premises.

Since education is becoming more holistic, International schools also help students to develop a good personality. It does not only focus on academe but also on extra-curricular activities to bring out the best of each student. As a result, it makes students more capable to step out of their comfort zone to attract more jobs in the future.

It is assumed that career opportunities would be greater for children coming from international schools. Maybe because of the credentials and advanced curriculum that regular schools cannot offer.

What Happens After International School?

Once a child obtains an IB diploma, the next thing is to enter a university. It gives students the freedom to choose a university as long as it is in partnership with IB. It could be in any country that parents think is the best option.

First, verify whether it is IB certified by making a brief visit to your prospective university’s website. Some schools do not publish a policy regarding this, however, you can speak to the staff in this matter. The last method you can consider is getting to the IB’s website to confirm everything.

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The said diploma plays a vital role for the child to easily apply to universities with higher education quality. If you are a parent, it is better to encourage your kid to join extra-curricular activities to build a stronger profile and stand out among the crowd.

Last but not least, after international schooling, a child can establish a more profitable career with all the possible connections that may occur.

Final Thoughts

British International School in Bangkok has to offer quality education for children that will equip them with skills in life ahead. It can help to bring out each student’s best potential through the help of the staff and other school facilities. Such a higher education will also prepare students for adult life without getting them burnout in the process. Contact the staff to know the requirements for how to get started.