Scholarship Interviews Process

Last Updated on November 18, 2022

Scholarship interviews can be held with college financial aid officers for specific campus-based scholarships or with local scholarship sponsors (such as your local Rotary Club). In addition, you can informally visit with financial aid officers and discuss available scholarships and your need for financial aid.

Below is a condensed list of recommended tasks for conducting successful scholarship interviews.

1. Review the intent of each scholarship sponsor so you can tailor your answers to questions asked by interviewers. Your answers should demonstrate how your past activities and achievements support the intent of the scholarship.

2. Learn some facts about the scholarships you will interview for; your discussions during interviews must demonstrate that you will be an outstanding representative of scholarship organization if you are selected as the scholarship winner.

3. Review your scholarship applications and essays to be very familiar with all application materials you have submitted. Interviewers may ask you specific questions about your application and you must be familiar with all submitted materials.

4. If you have an impressive grades and student résumé, make photocopies of your grade transcripts and résumé paper to give to each interviewer.

5. Review the Do’s and Don’ts of interviews. Be prepared and avoid mistakes.

6. Hold practice interviews with your parents, relatives, or other adults. Practice interviewing and answering questions you think likely will be asked of you.

7. Be sure to show good manners and courtesy to ALL scholarship representatives you speak with BEFORE your interview (the people you speak with on the telephone) and DURING the interview process, including receptionists. Interviewers will likely ask for their opinion of your behavior and manners.

8. Remember to be confident, not boastful, during interviews. Use proper dress and interview etiquette. Remember, your answers should demonstrate that if you win the scholarship, you will be an outstanding representative of the scholarship organization.

9. At the close of each interview, leave an updated copy of your grade transcripts and student résumé with each interviewer; this will leave a very positive impression. Request business cards for contact information.

10. Send thank you cards/letters to each scholarship representative (or scholarship selection committee member) with whom you interviewed.

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