SAT Advice from Students

Worried about the SATs? Don’t sweat it. We’ve all been there. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of student responses and advice on how to combat this dreaded standardized test.

Here are some of the best SAT tips:

  • Study 2+ months before and take classes. – Jason
  • Study up on vocab. – Kat
  • Remember that more than one of the answer choices could be CORRECT, but don’t answer the question. Make sure you choose the answer that correctly answers what the question is asking. – Chloe
  • Take practice tests. The questions are a very specific type of question that probably aren’t what you’re used to. Make sure to get used to the structure and format of SAT questions prior to taking the SAT.
    – Mary
  • For subject tests: Make sure you honestly understand the subject test you’re taking. If you are doubtful you’ll do well, it’s most likely best you avoid the test. And don’t cram study. Study the week before. Then relax two days before the test. That’s the best advice I can give. – Robert
  • Study. Use a book to review the math and all the tips and tricks. For example, 1/5 of all answers is A: There is nothing wrong here. Also, ‘they’ cannot be used in the singular. Then just take zounds of practice tests. The only way to prepare is to take practice tests. – Melissa
  • Take your time; do not second guess yourself and go with your gut feeling; practice but don’t stress.
    – Raylisha
  • Vocab. Then more vocab. – Elissa
  • Read the questions in the critical reading section and mark out the parts that the questions ask about. Then, as you read through the passage, answer the questions as you go. 🙂 Helped me a lot! – Jaden
  • Get all the crying done BEFORE test day. – Tevin
  • Practice SATs help a lot. I took 10. My score improved almost 500 points just by taking tests, no studying. – Michelle
  • Get plenty of sleep, eat something yummy in the morning, and stay calm. Stressing over it will only hurt you. – Rocio