10 Presentation Tips for Students

Last updated on November 15, 2017

Class presentations can be a time for some students to show off their talent and public speaking skills, while others are thrown into a frenzy at the mere thought of it. We at Start School Now want you to succeed; we’ve put together a list of 10 tips that are sure to make you a better speaker/presenter. Who knows you may even snag an A! The first 5 are to help you maximize your slides, the last 5 are to help you get through the presentation.

Tips for Slides

10. Reading From Notes

DO NOT read everything from your notes, likewise, all that you have to say should not be on your slides. Create index cards with key words to help you get to the main point and then elaborate on your own.

9. Consistency

Don’t use crazy backgrounds and wild fonts. You’ll distract readers, make your slides uniform and clean.

8. Limit the Number of Slides

Don’t create a 50 slide presentation, you’re sure to lose half the audience by slide 15. Condense the information and make key points.

7. Use Audio-Visual Aids

Audio-visuals will keep the audience on their toes and give you the opportunity to breathe. Don’t put in too many pictures and videos though, too much of a good thing is always bad!

6. Slide Layout

Don’t create slides with tons of words and pictures. Once again, key information should be on your slides NOT every bit of information you want to convey.

Tips for Speaking

5. Don’t Apologize

Do not apologize for being unprepared or for your nervousness, most people can’t tell anyway. Don’t attract attention to something others have no idea is going on.

4. Practice/Timing

Practice makes perfect! Remember to practice your speech in advance; fitting all your information into the allotted time is important. Students do not want to sit through a 35-minute long presentation and the more practice you’ve gotten the better off you will be.

3. Body Language

Don’t play with your hair and twiddle your thumbs, it’s distracting. You don’t want people paying more attention to your hands than what you came to say.

2. Slow Down/ Project

Many times presenters get so excited they forget to project their voice and slow-down. We know it’s hard but talk slowly (you probably won’t even notice that you’re speaking way too fast). Also, don’t forget about the people in the back, they want to hear you too, remember to project your voice.

1. Maintain Eye Contact

You don’t have to stare into every person’s eyes, but remember that your audience wants to see your face! If you look just above everyone’s head it will look like your looking directly at them.

More than anything you should remember to RELAX and have FUN. We are sure for many of you this will be difficult, but just remember there are more people like you out there. Presentations are hard if you fumble others will understand, pick up where you left off and let it roll off your shoulders.