How to Prepare for Freshman Final Exams

At this point in the year, many college freshmen are more than halfway through a semester, having nearly gone through their first term of college. The newbie freshness of orientation has nearly all but worn off.

However, there’s still one rite of passage first-year students need to go through: final exams.

Here are some tips on how to get through them and move on to winter break:

1. Don’t panic

You’ve gotten through most of your freshman year—you’ll get through this, too.

2. Utilize your time well

Some schools offer study days or reading days before final exams start. Make sure you actually use them for what they are meant to be used for, which means it isn’t time to watch a “Doctor Who” marathon.

3. Take care of your physical well-being

This means get plenty of sleep, eat well, and exercise when you can. Mental health can be paired with physical health.

4. Take time for yourself

While studying is vital, you also need to know when to take breaks and regroup. Not only does this break up the monotony of all-day studying, but it also helps rejuvenate your brain.

5. Know your deadlines/final exam dates

Missing a final exam can be detrimental, often causing students to fail the class.

Double check your syllabi and consult fellow classmates and profs to make sure you’re all on the same page when it comes what’s due when and when and where to show up for a final.


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