Political Science Major

Political Science is the study of how people govern themselves and others. It has a historical, a theoretical, a practical and a social aspect. By analyzing successful and unsuccessful political systems, students learn how people control others and shape a society of influence that ensures the welfare of the society. Too often humans have devised political systems designed to protect and enhance only the power of the ruling class. In these and many other cases, political systems have been found inadequate and have been replaced by some action on the part of the people.

Political science, thus, also studies the exercise of power and the forces of change within social and political entities. Political science also, certainly, studies how political entities have interacted with other entities – nations, races, cultures, religious groups.

Most political science programs also include study of a number of related fields that assist in the analytical and practical aspects of the field, as well as shaping the theoretical aspect. These fields generally include sociology, psychology, anthropology (social, cultural, ethnic), as well as communication science and rhetoric. Communication is a power factor in the influence of people by the ruling or governing authorities.

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A political science major is an excellent foundation for many careers, including education, local government, politics, campaign manager, state government, political speechwriter, lobbyist, legislative assistant or staffer, law, press secretary, consultant, diplomat, and special interest analyst.

People with a background and understanding of political science can be powerful social forces in times of political change or when political and governmental systems are undergoing significant change. Public dissatisfaction with incumbent political structures and representatives and increasing globalization of commerce and other vital interactions demand interpreters and architects of new structures and systems.