Killing College Chaos: 3 Steps for Students

Chaos Theory. If you haven’t heard of it you will. College life is actually a testament to the truths behind Chaos Theory. College life is a jumbled mess of too many things to do, too many places to be and too many new things to learn. Life is randomly and continually falling apart. Well here we are going to look at some ways you get organized, get focused and kill the chaos of college.

Most college kids these days have a smart phone, an iPad or a computer. The first weapon against the giant chaos beast is actually in your pocket! Miraculously something related to college just got easy and fun and even cheap all at the same time.

1. Use A Task Manager Or List Tool

Task management applications are easy to use and you can cheaply download one onto your smart phone, iPad or computer. Many of the applications available are also built using PHP and they sync across devices. Some of them will even let you collaborate in real time on projects with other students. For students with iPhone and iPad and Mac there are several apps made just for you.

College kids sporting Android phones, you haven’t been left in the cold! Here are three task management tools that will blow your socks off. These programs are all for your Android phone and they are all free too.

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For the split personalities out there and for people who want to collaborate in a mixed up generation here are some of the best task managers out there that do both. Free apps work on almost any device and the both go far beyond a simple list tool.

2. Clean Up And Get Organized

Once you know what to do when thanks to new task management software it is time to tackle your dorm room. In the morning make your bed. This simple task will make you less likely to want to climb back into bed later for a nap and it will get you psychologically organized to start the day. If you haven’t yet gotten a dorm room bedding set, buy one that you like and start making the bed. After even a few days of making the bed you should see a change in your attitude towards getting things done when you are in your dorm room.

While it might have been fine to be messy at home because your mother or a maid came in once in a while to clean things up, this isn’t the case with college. Get some organizational tools for your clothes like shoe organizers and drawer dividers and get in the habit of putting things away when you are done using them. Organizational systems don’t have to be expensive to be effective. The main thing is having a place to put everything away as neatly as possible. Getting in the habit of using an organizational system and putting your things away will help you clear your mind. It also gives you a level of control over your immediate living space that is physiologically important. Most of the things in college are pretty tough. Classes are difficult and the competition for everything from friends to the best pizza in the cafeteria can be fierce. Taking control over your living space is one of the only things you can do at college that you have control over. Clean it up and you will see results. What could be more satisfying?

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3. Clear The Emotional Chaos

College is also a time when everyone’s hormones are running a muck. Moreover, for many students this is the first time they have ever been away from the support of their family and friends. Throw in the stress of difficult classes; a few parties, a relationship or two that doesn’t go well and emotional chaos is almost certain to set in. Nothing is more destructive. Every year some of our country’s best and brightest don’t make it through college due to emotional chaos. Don’t discount the power of loneliness, anger or hopelessness… If you notice any of these feelings on a regular basis get help from your family, a college counselor or a close friend. Becoming active in a club, spending time with old friends, physical activity and being kind to yourself are all effective ways to manage stress and conquer emotional chaos.

College is preparation for an adult life. Before you know it, the chaos of college will give way to the even greater chaos of a new job, small children and no sleep. Start managing the chaos now and you will be able to nimbly handle whatever chaos happens to be lurking around the next corner.

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