7 Impressive CV Tips to Impress The Potential Employer

Your CV is your written impression of you. We all know that first impressions count especially when it comes to seeking employment. What many forget though is that the CV is often the first thing an employer gets to see about you, and this is where the first impression really begins. Therefore in order to lock that first favorable impression up tight, here are a few suggestions to help you do so.

1. Know the difference

Just start by knowing the difference between a CV and resume. Your writing is going to reflect your knowledge in this area. If the job application asks for both a CV and resume and you simply hand in two copies of your resume, you are off to a bad start.

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2. Make the time

Make the effort to put your CV together, because it will show. Just as your physical appearance at a job interview depicts that you took care in your appearance, so will your CV. Just think of it as you, being in front of the potential employer in a different form.

3. Be impressive but not flashy

A CV is much more detailed, structured and laid out as opposed to a resume. Make it look that way. Use quality paper and make sure your printer is printing at its highest capability. A good employer will quickly notice the difference between draft and finished quality printing. If you don’t think enough of putting a little money into quality for yourself, how are you going to present yourself in the Company if you were to be hired?

4. Speak on paper as you would in person

You prospective employer is not interested in your knowledge of the dictionary. He is interested in how you present the written word. If your written presentation is superior he will feel most confident that your verbalization skills are superior as well.

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5. Don’t get fancy

Just as your wouldn’t wear a tux to an interview don’t spice up your CV with fancy fonts and tons of colors. Be sure to have your headers stand out, and you can use an alternate color for this.

6. Proper delivery format

Employers will differ in the format in which they will be able to receive your CV. You can either check with the secretary to see the best format, or be safe and send it in PDF. If you do this though be sure to check the presentation of it in PDF before you send it to be sure it is correct.

7. Critique your CV several times

You are going to want to review your CV several times. Ideally give yourself enough preparation time that you can set it aside for a day then come back to it so you can fine tune it. First check for spelling errors, then the grammar. Then check it again for accuracy of information. Finally check it to see that it flows properly. Then set it aside again and give it one final check.

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There are a few guidelines to help you make that first impression with your prospective employer a good one through your written word.