Kick Start Your Career As A Rap Artist With These Tips

“Dream! Whatever you want to be, always keep it’s dream alive. Because the beginning might not be humble, but the end is going to be prosperous.” – August D.

Rap is one of the most popular genres of music. Millions of people listen to it, enjoy the fast beat music and rhymed verse. So, it’s not a surprise that many people wish to become successful rappers. Perhaps you are also one of those people. That’s why you are here to learn more about this career.

Whether you’ve been listening to various rappers for several years or just got interested in hip-hop music, if you are serious about becoming a rapper, you need to get started right now.

That being said, scroll down to learn how you can become the next music sensation, or better said – the next famous rap artist.

  • Listen To Wide Variety Of Hip-Hop And Rap

Before you start creating your own rhymes and lyrics, you need to listen to do some study. Begin with the history; understand the culture of rap, its core, and foundation. Moreover, you don’t need to restrict yourself to just one style or culture. Every region or country has added its own unique element to hip-hop. So, you can explore whatever style you like.

Besides that, you should also listen to mixtapes of several artists. It’s an excellent opportunity to get knowledge about what’s currently happening in contemporary hip-hop music.

  • Study The Music Style Of Different Rappers

Listen to as many artists as you can. Study their style, what they emphasize in their music, their rapping flow, metrical perfection, and rhyme scheme. Read their lyrics, memorize them so that you can feel the flow and speed of each word, which is essential in rapping. It is also a great way to find some good beats that you’d like to create your songs on.

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Note: Memorize the verse of your favorite song and practice it continuously. Once you are confident that you have understood the essence of the song, try it over the instrumental version.

  • Start Writing Rhymes

Knowing how to write rhymes is as essential as the speed and flow of rap. Fortunately, even if you don’t know how to write, you can learn it through continuous practice. Use your phone and try to write at least 5 to 10 rhymes a day. At the end of every week, analyze what you have written. It’s alright; even if you write bad lyrics, you will still learn and improvise over time.

Moreover, there is no easy way around writing lyrics; thus, you need to give your 100%. After continuous writing, you’ll have a stock of words, rhymes, and one-liners. Select the best ones and put them together to create songs. You can go for story songs, pop-rap, or boast raps. Or, you can simply create your own style.

  • Work On Your Skills

After you have created a few lyrics or songs:

  1. Polish your skills.
  2. Try freestyling; just pick a few words and start rapping with whatever comes to your mind.
  3. Slowly and steadily, try to add some meaning to the lines you rap. You can also take help from your family and friends, and get their valuable feedback.

Once you are comfortable with freestyling, add some beats and create a proper song with it. You can find several unique beats over the internet. So, for every song, purchase beats that suit it. After that, practice your flow and speed. Improvise the lyrics if you have to. And even if you stumble, start all over again.

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Nonetheless, you don’t need to hurry. Understand that every person takes their own time to master the skills. Thus, you need to take your own time and improve your own skills.

  • Participate In Rap Battles

When you are confident enough to showcase your talent to the world, participate in the freestyle competition and rap battles. Needless to say, it’s a great way to connect with budding artists and learn from them. Moreover, it’ll also help you improve your skills.

Generally, in these competitions, you are given a random beat by the DJ, and you need to rap. You will not have much time to think, and you’ll also be timed. In simple terms, it’ll be a challenge for you, and you need to prove yourself.

Tips: It is a good idea to attend these competitions before you actually participate. It’ll give you an idea of who your competitors are and how you can beat them. Nonetheless, even if you don’t succeed, you’ll surely learn a lot from such competitions. So keep on practicing and participating.

  • Create Original Music

Besides participating in competitions, you should also connect with the music producers to create your original music. In fact, there is a possibility that you might find some amazing producers through freestyle competitions. You can share a sample of your work, and if they like, you might be able to enter into the industry. Besides that, there are several online music streaming platforms where you can upload your music. Remember that as a rookie artist, your aim is to attract the public.

  • Use Social Media For Promotions
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You should use your social media to promote your music. You can use the several features of numerous social media platforms to interact with your followers. Also, ask your family and friends to share your content as much as possible. Go live, create reels or tik-tok or upload music covers of famous artists to get attention to the target audience. Once you have created a fan base, start promoting your original content.

  • Keep Learning And Practicing

Last but not least, keep learning and practicing. There is no such thing as full knowledge; every artist comes up with a piece of unique music and shares it with the public. Thus, it would be best to keep discovering and listening to new music and never stop practicing.

To conclude,

Keep in mind that there is no shortcut to achieve your dreams. You need to work hard and continuously to create your career in something that you love. The tips mentioned above can guide you to proceed on your path. Just keep the content original and create it from your heart.