How to Get Through Being Sick on Campus

It happens at the best of times and worst of times. Beginning of the term, midterms or finals, there’s no great time to get sick. How does a student survive? Mom and Dad are far away, or even out of state! It’s the rude wake-up call that blares through the pounding headache, ‘You’re an adult now! Figure it out yourself!’

Enlist a check up buddy

This is vital. If you’re feeling terrible and can’t even get to the sink for some tap water, chances are you’re not going to recover anytime soon without the help of someone else. Be it your roommate, a dorm mate, or boyfriend/girlfriend, just make sure you have someone you can call to go out and get the things you can’t. It’s important to remember you’re not alone, and even though all familiar things are far away there are people that care about you.

Go to the doctor

Whether, this is your private doctor or the on campus clinic, if you’re really feeling bad make an appointment as soon as possible. Once antibiotics are started it’s going to take some time for the drugs to settle and do their job. It’s best to get them started as quickly as possible. Chances are it’s the flu or a bad cold, but if it’s something more serious you don’t want to be miserable for weeks before starting treatment. Ask for a doctor’s note just in case for your professors or for work.

Notify your professors

Just a quick email saying you’re ill, and don’t want to infect the rest of the class is usually sufficient. Make sure to email them on the first day that you’re missing class to make sure your professors don’t dock you attendance points or think you’re a slacker. If they require a doctor’s note, state that you have one or will be able to get one to them. They’ll be happy enough your doing the ‘adult thing’ in letting them know, and will be more please you’re not infecting them which could lead to canceled classes and the entire class falling behind.

Drink lots of fluids

Mom was right, when you’re sick drink lots of water. The body needs a way to fight back and by eating routinely (which we know is hard) and drinking plenty of water you’re helping your body take care of itself. Carry a large water bottle around, or always have a glass next to your bed. If you can’t get any fluids yourself, as your check up buddy, that’s what they’re there for! Hurts to swallow? Eat frozen juice pops to relax the throat and still get your intake of fluids!

Take care of yourself

It’s a great idea to take the extra time and care needed when flu season is around or when everyone seems to be ‘coming down with something’. It can be a big shock to the system being surrounded by a large number of strangers after a summer of hanging out at home. It’s a natural way for the body to adjust to a new environment, but constantly washing hands or coughing into your sleeve (Instead of hands themselves), can greatly reduce getting sick in the first place or infecting others.


It’s not the end of the world when it happens, even if it feels that way. Everyone gets sick when they least expect it or are least prepared for it, but you can and will get better! Take care of yourself, have a friend to help get you what you can’t get yourself and relax. After a couple of days you’ll start feeling back to normal and can get back to the college routine again.

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