How To Ensure That College Essays Are Unique & Original

As college acceptance is becoming more competitive than ever before, college essays really do need to be extremely unique so students can set themselves apart from the rest of the applicants. So many students write the same college essay about what they did not their mission trips that admissions specialists have got to be sick of that topic by now. College admissions offices want to see college essays that blow their minds; they want to be amazed by something unique and life changing.

Craft A Unique Topic With A Spin On Something That Has Already Been Done

The perfect college essay will cover an obscure topic that no one else would think about crafting. This is a challenging concept, especially in a world where there it seems like there are no unique ideas anymore. The topic needs to get the admissions specialists’ attention, but it also need to share enough of your personality that you are evident in the essay. This is where the challenge arises.

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Write About What You Know

Since many students write about experiences like mission trips or they write about their families, interesting college applicants can show their sense of humor by writing about how glad they are that they did not go on a mission trip. Students could also write about how much they dislike essay writing (as long as the essay is well-crafted) or they could write about why they dislike watching sports – but with unique reasons. A mind-blowing essay will often cover a common topic, but in a new and exciting way.

Wear The Admissions Officers’ Shoes

Students need to put themselves in the positions of the admissions professionals. If they cannot read their own essay for revisions and content, then they should not expect a college official to do the same. It is kind of like the idea of the skinny cook – no one wants to eat food made by a skinny cook, because the cook probably does not taste his food – admissions officers do not want to read essays by students who are not going to read their own essay. The cook who does not taste his food will have no idea what is going out to the eaters; the high school student who does not proof and edit her own essay will not please the admissions staffs, too. You must stand up for what you wrote and be proud.

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