How to Choose a Topic for Your College Essay

Writing a paper for college that you are allowed to use your own topic, means more weight on your shoulders to choose a suitable topic that you will be able to write about and that your professors and teachers will also be ecstatic about you writing a piece on a specific topic.

1. Past Topic

Most likely the topic that you may have to write an essay on, may have been the topics you have studied in class or in the surrounding areas.

If this is the case, choose a topic that you liked the best studying so that you’ll be able to get great results while writing that paper.

Also, choose a topic that you know a lot about so you’ll have to do less research and more tweaking and increasing the amount of marks that you’ll be able to get on that topic.

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2. Passionate

It is always best to choose a topic that you are passionate about, this is because when writing or explaining something of this nature you tend to do a much, much better job since you feel for the subject that you are writing about and thus will be able to portray a better mood and use more powerful adjectives that will relate to your reader.

In this case, your teacher/professor will definitely love the way that you convey your emotions to them in your writing, they will feel that they too can relate to the piece of writing.

3. Suitable Topic

Again, if the topics that to be in the surrounding vicinity of scientific discoveries, do not choose a topic about the discovery of Pythagoras theorem, even if mathematics or sciences are linked.

The topic you choose must be linked to the actual topic not related to it. By doing this simple mistake, you will lose out on a lot of marks.

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4. Brainstorm

Create a brainstorm about all the topics that you feel that you are able to write about. After, write the pros and cons of writing about each topic, by carrying this out you’ll be able to see which topics you feel that you’ll be able to write well and narrow them down to a few that you’ll be able to achieve as many marks as possible writing for.

Follow these steps and your choice in choosing an excellent topic for your next college paper could not be easier.