How to Avoid the Fast Food Habit in College

Fast food can be a very tempting way to eat in college. College student is often worried about two things when it comes to food, namely that it is cheap and quick.

Fast food fits that bill and for college student, it might actually taste pretty good as well. Still, fast food can be a slow killer, even for the high metabolism of students.

Unfortunately, students can eat fast food too often and they can eat it at poor nutritional times, such as late at night. In order to avoid this particular societal addiction, here are a few thoughts on how to avoid the fast food habit.

Buy a refrigerator

One way for student to avoid the fast food binge is to purchase a refrigerator. Granted, the dorm room may not have room for the full-size fridge, but a compact college-appropriate refrigerator may fit just fine.

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When a student has a small refrigerator they have a place to put some perishable food and perhaps (gasp!) they might actually keep some fruits and vegetables in their room.

Student still has to buy the right food items, but a refrigerator will at least give them more options.

Keep healthy and filling snacks on hand

Another way to avoid fast food is to keep some amount of snacks on hand for when students get those college-style cravings. Of course, keeping bags of chips, candy bars, and bottles of soda may not be exactly what the typical nutritionist has in mind. Instead, keeping dried fruit, power bars, jerky, and certain types of nuts may be better for the student and cheaper to buy in bulk.

Set goals

Finally, avoiding fast food habits is mostly about desire. If the college student wants to avoid fast food, they have to want to avoid it. That is an oversimplification of the problem, and it doesn’t necessarily account for the temptations that befall the typical college student.

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However, if the student lacks the desire and the motivation to avoid fast food, then there is little chance of cutbacks.

Many college students will acknowledge that fast food may not be the best choice when it comes to regular meals. However, if the student is not willing to take particular steps to cut down on their fast food intake, their dorm room and vehicle will continue to be filled with paper bags and soda cups.