How to Avoid Getting Sick in College

Getting sick in college is no fun. Anything that is touched such as doorknobs, elevator buttons, faucets, keyboards etc. can get a college student sick.

The following tips and advice will help students avoid getting sick in college.

Getting sick in the college dorms

Colds and the flu spread like wildfires in college dorms because of the confined space many college students must share. Since students are sharing rooms and bathrooms, colds and sicknesses can be transferred very easily.

Why students get sick in college

With most colds and sicknesses, people who are infected don’t show signs of the cold right away, so college students who seem fine and healthy, may have already caught a cold or sickness, and can pass it onto other students. This makes every person a student comes into contact with a suspect that needs to be avoided.

How to avoid getting sick in college

To avoid getting sick in college, a student must avoid (to the best of their ability) exposing themselves to high risk areas.

  • Get a flu shot – the flu is no fun and can put you out of commission for several days. Getting a flu shot every year is the best way to avoid dealing with the flu.
  • Wear gloves as much as possible – wearing gloves will help students from directly touching surfaces that could potentially contain a virus or cold.
  • Use Lysol disinfectant on everything – if you or your roommate is sick, you should spray Lysol (or some generic brand) disinfectant on everything one would touch, this will help kill germs that could get you sick at college
  • Don’t share cups or glasses – you never know if someone just got sick, so if you play beer pong, set up brand new cups, and don’t share drinks with friends during the cold/flu season.
  • Try not to hook up with too many people – every person you hook up with is multiplying your chances of getting sick. Try to limit yourself until the cold season is over.

Following these simple tips can help cut down on a student’s chances of getting sick in college. Good Luck!


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