Getting to Know Your College Professors

Once in college you will want to stand out among the many students who are in the same classes as you. An excellent way to do so is to get on the good side of your professors.

Professors are an important part of your education and they also could be a vital resource to help build up your network of important people to your career. They are also in a position to introduce you to different aspects of your chosen career. They can even become a mentor and help you develop your vocation.

It is always good to establish a positive connection with your professors to help you with your college and professional endeavors.

Ways to get on the good side of your professors:

  • At the beginning of each semester, stop by the professor’s office during their office hours to introduce yourself. Make it a brief visit.
  • Visit the professors throughout the semester during office hours or on an appointed time but do not waste their time. Do not be afraid or slow to ask for help and in finding out more information.
  • Be respectful and interested to what the professor has to say.
  • Show up to class. Professors know who comes to their class and it does make a difference. If you cannot make it to class for a good reason, let your professor know via an e-mail or a phone call. Make sure you catch up on the work.
  • Sit up front in class and ask relevant questions. Be thoughtful in what you have to say and engage in class discussions.
  • Be prepared for each class. The professor will not want to waste their time asking questions to an unprepared student or participate in a discussion with someone who is not knowledgeable of the subject.
  • Hand in assignments on time. Make sure you are handing in quality work.
  • Do not plagiarize. Professors do not look kindly on cheaters and will be less likely to help you in future endeavors. There are plenty of plagiarism software programs the professors can use to catch plagiarized work and you do not want to be caught. Most colleges will have a specific method to catch plagiarizers.
  • Many professors advise clubs or extracurricular activities that are of relevance to you, so join. The professors will be able to get to know you better this way. Be active and useful when you participate.
  • Many professors hire students to work for them in the office or personally. Working for a professor is an excellent way to show your skills and forming a good impression.

Needless to say, put your best foot forward if you want to get on the good side of your professors. Act in a professional manner and get to know them in a positive way.

College professors are there to teach and help you, take advantage of their expertise and connections within the acceptable parameters they set.


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